What’s Cool Out There… Martin

1999 Martin D-28

January 7, 2012
1999 Martin D-28 in a no reserve auction. Seller describe this as being in exceptional condition. 12 years is a nice amount of time for one of these to dry…
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1993 Martin D-41

January 4, 2012
1993 Martin D-41 in a no reserve auction. Seller puts this one in Excellent condition with minor strum wear and scratches to the top, noting no significant play wear. Seller…
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1975 Martin D-28

December 17, 2011
1975 Martin D-28 in Sunburst a no reserve auction. Seller speculates it was a custom order, we tend to agree. There is evidence of a headstock repair and some cracks…
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1967 Martin D-28

November 29, 2011
1967 Martin D-28 in a no reserve auction. Seller says it has a sealed top crack and the entire top has been oversprayed. The finish on the back, sides and…
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1950 Martin 0-17

November 23, 2011
1950 Martin 0-17 in a no reserve auction. All Mahogany. Seller says it is not without some nicks and surface scratches. Check the pictures. Seller also says the neck set…
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1958 Martin D-18

September 17, 2011
1958 Martin D-18 in a no reserve auction. Definitely a player. Seller says it has some nicks, dings and three repaired cracks (all pictured). Additionally, seller notes that the original…
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2007 Martin 000-18GE

September 7, 2011
2007 Martin 000-18GE in a no reserve auction. “GE” stands for “Golden Era” and these are made to 1937 specifications. Seller describes it as being essentially NOS, never having been…
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1926 Martin 000-18

August 20, 2011
1926 Martin 000-18 in a no reserve auction. Seller states it comes for the family of the original owner and puts it in Excellent condition. Seller says there are no…
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1962 Martin F-55

August 19, 2011
1962 Martin F-55 in a no reserve auction. Yes, Martin made electrics. Seller states it’s all original. Seller also states it has some finish checking, mostly around the headstock and…
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1967 Martin D-28

August 11, 2011
1967 Martin D-28. Brazilian Rosewood. Seller puts it in very clean Collector Grade condition. Seller notes it has the typical Martin pickguard crack (pictured) which is tiny and does not…
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1973 Martin D-18

August 4, 2011
1973 Martin D-18 in a no reserve auction. Seller says it has it’s share of dings scratches etc. and a few repaired cracks. Read the description and take a look…
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1947 Martin 00-18

August 1, 2011
1947 Martin 00-18 Shaded Top. Shaded Top is Martin speak for Sunburst. Sellers says it shows signs of a good life of use, including some bare spots in the finish…
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1959 Martin D-28E

July 20, 2011
1959 Martin D-28E. The “E” stands for “Electric.” Seller has it listed as a D-18E, but it would appear to be a D-28E from the appointments. Seller notes the quality…
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2002 Martin D-35

July 15, 2011
2002 Martin D-35 in a no reserve auction. Seller (pawn shop) gives the serial number as 873XXX which dates it to 2002. The description is pretty minimal here, basically “Like…
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1937 Martin 0-18

July 8, 2011
1937 Martin 0-18 in a no reserve auction. Minimal description here. Seller says it shows normal signs of wear for a 70+ year old instrument. Seller adds the neck is…
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1968 Martin D-18

July 8, 2011
1968 Martin D-18. Seller puts this one in good cosmetic condition with some scratches repaired cracks on the back. Wear below the pickguard (pictured). Seller adds the neck is straight…
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1973 Martin D-12-35

July 7, 2011
1973 Martin D-12-35 in a no reserve auction. From the pictures and description this looks as close to Mint as we will see probably ever see one of these. 12…
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Recent Martin 000-28 EC Brazilian

June 16, 2011
Recent Martin 000-28 EC Brazilian. EC is for Eric what’s his name. Seller describes this one as flawless. Looks to be in the pictures. As always with Craigslist, we wish…
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1945 Martin 000-18

June 14, 2011
1945 Martin 000-18 in a no reserve auction. It looks to us like this is a shaded top version (Martin speak for “Sunburst”) that has faded quite a bit. Seller…
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1970 Martin D-18

June 13, 2011
1970 Martin D-18. Seller say’s it’s all original and in great condition with the exception of a 2′ top crack which is barely noticeable. Seller adds that the action is…
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