1930s National Dobro

September 9, 2011
1930s National Dobro in a no reserve auction. Damned if we can’t identify exactly what this is or was, if anyone knows please chime in. Seller says the coverplate is…
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1930s Regal Parlor Guitar

May 9, 2011
1930s Regal Parlor Guitar in a no reserve auction. Seller is calling this “Vintage.” Our .02 is that it’s ’30s. Seller describes it as being in good condition with severe…
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1936 Regal Model 45 Dobro

February 17, 2011
1936 Regal Model 45 Roundneck. Seller doesn’t identify the model but that’s what we believe it to be. Seller states it is in remarkable condition with a straight neck and…
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1940s Beltone Archtop

October 16, 2010
1930s? 1940s? 1950s. Lets call it 40s. If you can date it please chime in. The Beltone brand first appeared in the 1920s. The earlier ones were made by Regal.…
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1941 Regal Buck Jones Cowboy Guitar

September 27, 2010
How cool is this? 1941 Regal Buck Jones and Silver Cowboy Guitar. Seller states these were made by Regal for Montgomery Ward and we will take his or her word…
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