What’s Cool Out There… Kay

1950s Silvertone Kentucky Blue

February 21, 2011
1950s Silvertone Kentucky Blue. These were made by Kay. Seller states the neck is straight and the guitar stays in tune. One set of the 3 on a side tuners…
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1950s Silvertone Jimmy Reed

December 29, 2010
1950s Silvertone Jimmy Reed. These were produced by Kay. Seller says it’s all original with non original case. At some point the beck was bolted to the bolted to the…
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1950s Kay Value Leader

December 15, 2010
Seller calls this a Vintage Kay. We call it late ’50s early ’60s Kay Value Leader. About a day left to go in a no reserve auction for this. Seller…
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Kay N-2 Archtop

July 24, 2010
Here we have a Kay N-2 with a DeArmond installed. Seller says the DeArmond is dated 1965, we guess the guitar dates from the 1950s. Seller states it needs a…
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