What’s Cool Out There… Harmony

1932 Supertone Parlor Guitar

February 5, 2011
1932 Supertone Parlor Guitar in a no reserve auction with about 4 hours to go. These were made by Harmony for Sears. Interesting example here with moto fingerboard and matching…
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1950s Silvertone 612 Cowboy Guitar

January 24, 2011
1950s Silvertone 612 Cowboy Guitar in a no reserve auction. Correct us if we’re wrong here on the model. Seller calls it a Gene Autrey but we think it’s a…
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1930s Harmony Monterey

January 10, 2011
Late 1930s Harmony Monterey in a no reserve auction with a little more than a day to go.. Note faux-flamed finish on top. Seller says he got this from a…
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1957 Harmony H62

December 13, 2010
1957 Harmony H62, restored and refinished, with Lollar P-90s. Great pictures and description here as well as a really cool sound sample. Rockabilly monster for sure. Love the sound sample.…
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1958 Harmony Singing Cowboys

November 12, 2010
1958 Harmony Singing Cowboys in a no reserve auction with less than a day to go. If you can’t do $7,500 for the ’56 Gretsch 6121 (previous post) but need…
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1966 Silvertone 1478

October 28, 2010
No reserve auction going on for this 1966 Silvertone 1478 in metallic blue… from back in the day when Sears sold cool stuff. Made by Harmony and based on the…
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1930s Supertone

October 20, 2010
1930s Supertone with stenciled Hawaiian motif. We love this sort of thing. These were made by Harmony. Good description along with excellent pictures and sound samples which illustrate how cool…
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1940s Beltone Archtop

October 16, 2010
1930s? 1940s? 1950s. Lets call it 40s. If you can date it please chime in. The Beltone brand first appeared in the 1920s. The earlier ones were made by Regal.…
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1930s Harmony Lap Steel

October 9, 2010
1930s Harmony Lap Steel branded “Ball – McIntire.” Lots of good photos and a bunch of sound samples here. Love the sound samples, the seller is getting a really cool…
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1950s Harmony Stratotone H88

September 1, 2010
How cool is this? Check out this 1950s Harmony Stratotone, up for no reserve auction with about a day left to go. Seller states it’s all original. Case looks that…
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1966 Harmony Bobkat

August 21, 2010
Less than a day left to go on this auction for this 1966 Harmony BobKat with original case. Guitar looks to be in excellent condition. Very cool, and it won’t…
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1940s Harmony H-50

August 8, 2010
Here we have a Harmony H-50 which the owner states is from the early 40s. Looks about right to us. This one has a single Gibson P-13 pickup which is…
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