1930s Dobro M-32

May 29, 2012
1930s Dobro M-32 Roundneck in a no reserve auction. Seller puts it between ’35 and ’37 which sounds right to us. Seller states that the guitar is all original with…
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1930s Dobro Angelus

November 15, 2011
1930s Dobro Angelus in a no reserve auction. Pretty much identical to the Regal made Dobro Model 19 of the same period. Seller puts this one in Good condition with…
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1930s National Dobro

September 9, 2011
1930s National Dobro in a no reserve auction. Damned if we can’t identify exactly what this is or was, if anyone knows please chime in. Seller says the coverplate is…
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1996 Dobro Dobrolektric

July 15, 2011
1996 Dobro Dobrolektric. Seller states it’s a rare early version with a Lace pickup (as opposed to a P-90 style) in the neck position. There’s also an internal piezo pickup…
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2002 Gibson Mississippi Voodoo Dobro

February 11, 2011
2002 Gibson Mississippi Voodoo Dobro. We don’t see too many of these and are pretty sure Gibson/Dobro doesn’t make them any more. Seller says this one is in very good…
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