What’s Cool Out There… Danelectro

1950s Danelectro Shorthorn Bass

January 17, 2012
1950s Danelectro Shorthorn Bass in Copper in a no reserve auction. Seller puts this one in Very Good condition with light playwear and minor scratches and dings. Seller says the…
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1950s Silvertone 1451L

July 26, 2011
1950s Silvertone 1451L in Copper in a no reserve auction. What we have here is essentially a Danelctro U1. Seller is calling it 1950s. We think it may be very…
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1960s Coral Danelectro Firefly

June 26, 2011
1960s Coral Danelectro Firefly. These were produced from ’67 to ’69 we believe. Seller states it’s 100% original with just a bit of finish checking. Seller notes the neck is…
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1950s Danelectro U-1

May 25, 2011
1950s Danelecro U-1 in Copper in a no reserve auction. Seller puts it in good condition. This one looks like it has been PLAYED. Seller states two tuner poles have…
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1956 Silvertone 1357 Peanut

May 23, 2011
1956 Silvertone 1357 “Peanut.” Made by Danelectro for Sears and esentially a Danelectro U-1. Seller states it has a nice straight neck, good frets and plays beautifully. Seller adds the…
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1968 Coral Vincent Bell Guitar / Sitar

March 14, 2011
1968 Coral (Danelectro) Vincent Bell Guitar / Sitar. Seller describes it as near mint, damn near perfect, collectors grade. A unique instrument for sure, we don’t see these come up…
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1960 Danelectro DC-1

March 5, 2011
1960 Danelectro DC-1. Seller describes it as all original in great condition. Has some wear on the first seven frets. Also, we see some rash on the back in the…
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1950s Danelectro U1

November 14, 2010
Nice looking 1950s Danelectro U1 w/original coffin case. Seller states it’s completely original, no issues, mods or repairs, just honest wear. We don’t often see these with come up with…
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1956 Danelectro U2

August 17, 2010
Here we have a 1956 Danelectro U2. Seller states it has a non-professional but stable repaired headstock crack. Guitar shows some wear, check the back of the neck – looks…
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