What’s Cool Out There… Collings

Recent Collings OM2H

August 31, 2011
Recent Collings OM2H in a no reserve auction. The description here is pretty minimal. Seller puts it in Very Good condition with some noticeable scruffs and marks. Good pictures. Seller…
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Recent Collings Baby 2H

February 25, 2011
Collings Baby 2H. Seller doesn’t date it so we’ll call it recent. Seller states it’s in excellent condition. These are 3/4 scale. We believe the scale length here is 24…
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2000 Collings D1 AV

August 17, 2010
Collings is another maker who we feel can do wrong. It’s all good. Here we have a sweet looking 2000 D1 AV with a pro refret, an aftermarket pickguard (nice)…
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