Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape – Be-Bop Deluxe

by Pat Bobst on March 24, 2013

Note: Please welcome Pat Bobst to our illustrious group of Tune of the Day editors. Pat played guitar with Washington DC’s mighty Kingface back in the day and continues to keep real busy playing out. – LTD

What to say about Be-Bop Deluxe? Not quite appropriate to say that they’re one of the many criminally under-rated bands to take the stage. They certainly had their day, and made a lasting impression on many of us, and I don’t think any of us ‘under rate’ them. Bill Nelson is still out there doing pretty amazing things. Circa 1977, a friend with whom I played a lot of music at the time starts telling me to check out this band. Now, this same dude had recently turned me onto Rush. On his say so, I’d purchased ‘All the World’s a Stage’, and had made peace with Geddy’s vox after that initial full-frontal assault on ‘Bastille Day’. Oof. So with another presumably solid recommendation, I head out to purchase ‘Live In the Air Age!’. I pull it out now and again to this day, just not a weak moment on it in my view. I went to see them play live at the old Palladium in NYC sometime in 1978, I believe, and it remains one of the best live performances that I’ve ever seen. Resin dripping from the ceiling, purple strobes through crystals on the stage, and just pristine sound.

‘Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape’ is a standout on a release full of standouts. The style, tone, and control are captured beautifully. If this is your first taste, go find more. If this is a re-visit, I hope you enjoyed hearing it again as much as I did today.

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