1959 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior

by Luke the Drifter on October 24, 2012

1959 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior in a no reserve auction. Every time we see one of these we think “Johnny Thunders.” Seller puts this in Good condition and says there is evidence that there was another set of tuners on here at one point. No evidence of additional holes having been drilled. Period correct tuners are on now. Seller adds the guitar has minor finish checking and moderate scruffing and minimal wear to the original frets. Additionally, the volume pot may be a replacement. With National style Lifton HSC. Very cool.

1959 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior – Heritage Auctions

Here’s a link to a great 1976 demo of Johnny and The Heartbreakers doing “Born to Lose.” We’re going to guess he’s using a Junior (not this one, and thanks to George Champale to bringing this demo to our attention).

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