1949 Martin D-28

by Luke the Drifter on June 27, 2012

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1949 Martin D-28 in a no reserve auction. Actually there was a reserve but it has been met. Seller says it has a headstock repair, the tuners have been changed, the neck has been reset (angle good) and it may have a few loose internal braces. We’ll add that it looks like there is some overspray on the top. Seller is not a player and took it to a shop to have checked it out. The long and short of that is they told him it needs between $400 and $1000 dollars worth of work to get it into awesome playing condition. Seller adds that the guitar has a terrific sound. These tend to, right? With what looks like a newer Martin HSC. Very cool to very very cool.

1949 Martin D-28 – eBay

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