Matty Groves – Fairport Convention

by George Champale on May 14, 2012

Our Tune of the Day for Monday, May 14 2012 is “Matty Groves” by Fairport Convention. Prior to 1969’s Liege & Lief Fairport Convention was your standard folk rock group playing covers of Joni Mitchell, Dylan and Leonard Cohen songs. Then, legend has it, they heard The Band’s Music From Big Pink, flipped their wigs and decided to apply that formula to the traditional music of their homeland, Great Britain. “Matty Groves” is a fine example of their success with this new direction. A traditional tune that dates back to the 17th Century and is included in the Child Ballads, “Matty Groves” has it all- adultery, jealous rage and double homicide. Plus, in Fairport’s version, it totally rocks. Hope you’ll agree.

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