1960s English Electronics Tonemaster and Amp

by Luke the Drifter on March 19, 2012

1960s English Electronics Tonemaster and Amp in a no reserve auction. English Electronic was a brand produced by Valco. The Res-O-Glas (Fiberglass) Tonemaster bears a lot of similarity to the Nationals and Supros Valco was producing at the time. Read the description and take a look at the pictures here. Seller believes the guitar to be all original, with OHSC. Seller isn’t sure about the originality of everything with regard to the amp and notes the Jensen Special Design speaker has a small hole in the cone. Here’s a video of a dude playing a ’64 Tonemaster (not this one). A really nice package. Very, very cool.

1960s English Electronics Tonemaster and Amp – eBay

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