1930 National Triolian

by Luke the Drifter on February 14, 2012

1930 National Triolian in a no reserve auction. Seller says it was stripped of it was stripped of it’s Polychrome finish years ago. Some evidence of the old finish is still visible in the soundhole rim. Other than that the body, biscuit and cone are original as are the coverplate screws. The back is signed by John Hammond in sharpie with a couple of dates. There’s some clear coat protecting the signature. Seller says the guitar was re-necked by National a few years ago. A great number if not the majority of old Nationals have neck issues of one sort or another. Sometimes it just makes sense to replace the neck and having National do it is the way to go. We’ll note that this is not an inexpensive proposition. With chip case. Very cool.

1930 National Triolian – eBay

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