1960s Epiphone FT110 Frontier

by Luke the Drifter on January 31, 2012

1960s Epiphone FT110 Frontier in a no reserve auction. Seller is calling this a ’54. We think it’s early ’60s based on the (very cool) ropes and cactus pickguard. Let’s call it a ’62 or ’63. This one was made by Gibson. The body is essentially a Hummingbird. It appears to have a maple back and sides as some Hummingbirds of this era did. Seller puts it in Good condition. Seller notes the back is separating from the body at the lower bout. There are also some loose back braces. That wouldn’t seem to be that big a deal. Seller adds the neck is straight and there is medium wear to the frets. We don’t see the ropes and cactus iteration of the Frontier come up to often. With original soft case. Nice looking example. Very cool.

1960s Epiphone FT110 Frontier – Heritage Auctions

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