1960s Airline 7262

by Luke the Drifter on November 30, 2011

1960s Airline 7262 in a no reserve auction. Seller is calling this an Airline Barney Kessel. We’ll just call it an Airline 7262 and add that it’s probably a ’65 based on a review of the ’60s Montgomery Ward catalogs. It was most certainly made by Kay and closely resembles the Kay Speed Demon of the same era minus the Speedbump pickups. It has the (generally more desirable) Kleenex Box pickups featured on the Kessel. Anyone begging to differ please chime in. Seller puts it in Fair condition noting it has moderate wear and heavy finish checking. The bridge pickup isn’t working. With Gigbag. Nice Vibe. Cool. Perhaps very cool.

1960s Airline 7262 – Heritage Auctions

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