1926 Martin 000-18

by Luke the Drifter on August 20, 2011

1926 Martin 000-18 in a no reserve auction. Seller states it comes for the family of the original owner and puts it in Excellent condition. Seller says there are no cracks anywhere and overall the guitar is remarkably clean. Seller believes the pyramid bridge to be original but thinks it may have been reglued. Seller also notes that the tuners are not original. Good pictures here, including the inside of the guitar. Seller also adds that the the guitar while braced for steel strings has been primarily strung with nylon strings and that may account for the condition. Seller states the action is high and the guitar could benefit from a neck reset. With what appears to be the original hardshell case. Cool in spades.

1926 Martin 000-18 – eBay

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