1960s Supro Tremolectric

by Luke the Drifter on July 19, 2011

1960s Supro Tremolectric in Wedgewood Blue in a no reserve auction. Yep, Wedgewood Blue. That’s what they called it in the 1963 Supro catalog. It cost $169.50 new back in the day, not a small amount of money then. These have a Res-O-Glas (fiberglass) body. We don’t see them all that often. They have a rocker switch on the pickguard between the (single coil, though they look like humbuckers) pickups that can you use to get a tremolo effect. Runs on a “C” battery if we remember correctly. We have an Airline kicking around here someplace with the same circuit. Anyway, seller says it’s 100% original with some play wear. Seller adds the action is right where it should be and it plays great. With newer Gretsch case. Very cool.

1964 Supro Tremolectric – eBay

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