1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard – Stolen!

by Luke the Drifter on June 23, 2011

1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard, stolen from a studio in Ladner, BC on June 5, 2011 along with $50K worth of other guitars and gear. Uncool in spades. Below is the owner’s description of the guitar as well as a link with contact information and information on the other gear taken. Let’s help Maurice BRING IT ON HOME…

This 1953 Gibson Les Paul has been my main guitar for 43 years, and, although it is far from being original, it is totally and completely my guitar.

It was refitted with an ABR-1 bridge and stop tailpiece and refinished by Gibson in the late ’50’s. It’s a totally unique, very green finish, which some think could be a discoloured gold-top (but it’s been that green since I got it in ’68). The green discolouration of gold-tops is not usually as even as this colour is across the whole surface. I’ve never seen another guitar of any brand in the colour it is.

There is a mark where the back of the pick-guard mounting screw wore through the finish. Very visible without the pick-guard on it, which is how I prefer it..

It was stolen previously in 1971, and I tracked the thief down in Moncton, New Brunswick. (This adventure could be a whole chapter in my book!!) And the thief had my guitar in his hands when I found him.

I installed humbuckers on it in ’72 and tried various pickups until I arrived at the current configuration of an old Gibson and an old Seymour Duncan, both without covers. I still have the original P-90’s and the pick-guard..

In the ’70’s, I swapped all of the nickel parts and the tuners for original Gibson gold ones, and we hitch-hiked across Canada twice.

When it needed re-fretting, I searched literally for years for the same fret wire as the original. A little repair shop in Montreal had the right wire, and I finally had it refretted in Vancouver in the late ’70’s. At the same time, the neck was thinned a bit, and the back and neck were refinished. The serial number was stamped into the headstock at that time.

In the early ’80’s, my now-deceased brother-in-law made the brass switch ring, jack plate and rear cover plates (making the sentimental value of the loss immeasurable). I still have all of the original plastic parts.

Far from original, but this one is the most playable of Les Pauls you will ever find. Please help to bring it home.

Thanks, Maurice

1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard – Stolen!

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