1960s Eko Medallion 100 M

by Luke the Drifter on June 22, 2011

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1960s Eko Medallion 100 M in a no reserve auction. Seller is calling it an “Eko Six String Acoustic Guitar.” We’ll add it’s a ’60s Eko Medallion 100 M. More cool Italian style from the ’60s. Seller states it is being sold “as is.” Check out the description and the pictures. It appears to have some lacquer checking and is missing a few position markers. Seller says the neck is straight. These have a truss rod. We believe the body is Mahogany and the top is White Oak. Seller states the case is beginning to fall apart and could use some repair. Cool.

1960s Eko Medallion 100 M – eBay

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