1960s Eko 500 2

by Luke the Drifter on June 9, 2011

1960s Eko 500 2 in seldom seen Orange Sparkle in a no reserve auction. Seller is just calling it a 1960s Eko, we’ll add that it’s a 500 2, the “2” denoting the 2 pickup version. There was also a “4” which had 4 pickups. Additionally, we think it’s a ’64. But don’t hold us to that. Definitely some cool ’60s Italian style going on here. Seller puts it in very good condition, stating however that the high E tuner is missing the post and the gear. Additionally, seller states that while the pickups and switches work, the tone knob appears to do nothing. With original two tone (of course) HSC. Very Cool.

1960s EKO 500 2 – Heritage Auctions

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