1930s Regal Parlor Guitar

by Luke the Drifter on May 9, 2011

1930s Regal Parlor Guitar in a no reserve auction. Seller is calling this “Vintage.” Our .02 is that it’s ’30s. Seller describes it as being in good condition with severe lacquer checking. Seller also notes the neck has been oversprayed and there is some separation at the top seam below the bridge. Take a look at the high resolution photos here. Is that Brazilian Rosewood on the back? Looks like nice tight grained spruce on the top. Also, note the mother of toilet seat fret board which appears to be in good shape. Perhaps Regal’s reaction to Gibson’s Century of Progress Models (also with moto fingerboards) which were introduced at the Chicago’s Century of Progress Exposition in 1933. The tuners here look a little too shiny to be original to us. No information on the case, if any. One has to love the stencil on the top. Very cool.

1930s Regal Parlor Guitar – Heritage Auctions

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