1950s Gibson J-50

by Luke the Drifter on May 4, 2011

1950s Gibson J-50 in a no reserve auction. Early ’50s to us based on the small pickguard. This is another one from Heritage Auctions weekly Thursday Vintage Guitar and Musical Instrument Internet Auction. Seller describes it as being in good condition with medium play wear and checking overall. Moderate neck wear and medium belt buckle rash on the back. Added pickup at soundhole. The pickup looks like a ’50s DeArmond 210 (get your Lightnin’ Hopkins on) to us and from the pictures it appears the guitar has a jack on the upper bout (go figure). Nice looking instrument. We can’t see any cracks or breaks in the high resolution photos (which do not include the sides). With hard case. Seller doesn’t speak to the originality of that. Very cool.

1950s Gibson J-50 – Heritage Auctions

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