1964 Airline 7049 Resonator

by Luke the Drifter on May 3, 2011

1964 Airline 7049 Resonator in a no reserve auction. Looks to be in nice shape. Seller is calling it a ’64, we think it may be ’65 because we don’t see it in the ’64 Montgomery Ward catalog. This is an all acoustic Valco made Reso-O-Glas (fiberglass) instrument. Shares quite a bit with the Supro Folkstar of the same era. Note cool cover plate and Kluson 3 on a plate tuners. Seller says it has some minor finish scratches and tape residue on the front guitar. With hard case. Seller does not speak to the originality of that. Very cool.

1964 Airline 7049 – Heritage Auctions

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