1960s Airline 7283 “J.B. Hutto”

by Luke the Drifter on April 22, 2011

1960s Airline 7283 “J.B. Hutto”. Minimal description here. Looks right in the pictures. Seller is calling this 1950s. It’s ’60s – 1964 or 1965. We base that on the “Gumby” headstock. We believe they went to the Fender style headstock on this model in ’66. These were manufactured for Montgomery Ward by Valco. Res-O-Glas (fiberglass) body. Jack White lets a little kid stomp on his in “It May Get Loud.” Very cool.

1960s Airline 7283 “J.B. Hutto” – Craigslist, San Antonio, TX

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