1976 Travis Bean TB-500 – Owned by Jerry Garcia

by Luke the Drifter on August 20, 2010

This one comes to us from TELL US ABOUT IT, courtesy of and thanks to Grateful John. 1976 Travis Bean TB-500, serial number 12 owned by Jerry Garcia plus some extras. This was not Jerry’s primary on-stage axe (that was serial number 11) but was one of his spare guitars from summer 1976 through 1977 (when he switched back to Doug Irwin custom guitars). Extras include Jerry’s Sho-Bud pedal steel amplifier, two guitar straps, a tour jacket and a top hat. Deep pockets only. Side note: We wonder whatever became of the ’56 Goldtop Jerry has here.

1976 Travis Bean TB-500 – Owned by Jerry Garcia – eBay

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