Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

by Luke the Drifter on July 16, 2010

From The Village Voice (July, 1991): “At one moment, Elvis threw himself on his back, sort of doing splits, with one leg pointed right at me. I could see that his shoes were worn out. Maybe they were his favorites and he didn’t want to quit wearing them. But I had a tinge of pity, thinking maybe he was poor. But I dug it. I thought he looked like a real street kid from Williamsburg.

That show, even at 10 years old, really changed my life. I was overwhelmed by Elvis. I was overwhelmed by the musicians. I could feel the playing. I knew what it was like to feel the playing. But most of all, I remember two things from that show: my sister completely losing her cool, and that hole in Elvis’s shoe.”

Beyond The Valley of the Dolls

Jerry Nolan With Doug Simmons

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