by Luke the Drifter on June 17, 2010

Welcome to usedguitar.com. We scour the web looking for interesting guitar and related items for auction or sale online, post and comment an them. We almost exclusively post no reserve auctions or auctions that have hit their reserve. We try to post several items a day, every day.

usedguitar.com is not selling these guitars (We will very occasionally thin out our private collection by listing an item in the CLASSIFIEDS). We are bringing them to your attention, linking through to them and recording the final sale price when available.

We select items based on a combination of cool and value. Everything we select conforms to a certain aesthetic and generally speaking if we were possessed of unlimited space and funds and did not fear divorce court we would be bidding on these guitars ourselves.

We rate the items we select on the following scale:

1. Cool.
2. Very cool.
3. Very, very cool.
4. Cool in spades.

If you are selling something no reserve TELL US ABOUT IT. If it’s cool we will feature it.

Search usedguitar.com to get a realistic idea of what your guitar is worth. We find no reserve auction prices are a good representation of the real value of a particular item, falling somewhere between what a dealer would offer for it and what a dealer would ask for it.

We also offer CLASSIFIEDS as a complement or alternative to the other ways to sell guitars online. You can link through to your eBay, Craigslist or other listings. If you are selling no reserve and the item is Cool we will feature it. Classifeds are currently free to our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus fans and followers.

Questions, comments, business and advertising opportunities can be directed to contact@usedguitar.com.

Thanks for stopping by. Rock on.

Selling? Check out usedguitar.com's CLASSIFIEDS. Classifeds are currently free to our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus fans and followers.


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